Disney World’s Epcot theme park at Christmas 2021. We took this photo near the China pavilion at the World Showcase.

Here’s what’s new at this blog about home, travel, and living a creative life. At the conclusion of January 2022, we left our Orlando apartment, just feet away from Walt Disney World. Our next destination: New England (USA).

Tulips from Ian

Back to a Welcoming Family

In past posts, it may sound like most of our family is in Florida. It’s not. Much of my family – especially cousins – are scattered throughout the northeast, mostly in Massachusetts. I grew up there, in Belmont, among families connected – as mine were – to Harvard and MIT, as well as artists, diplomats, …

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Long walks on lovely beaches

Winter Walks at the Beach

Refreshing, salt air. Quartz sand beaches. Friendly people who say hello without being prompted. These are among the things we’re savoring now, back in New England (USA). Our first beach visit was at Hampton’s North Beach (New Hampshire), where I went wading in the icy waves. That’s something I do regularly. It’s not quite “polar …

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Smog photo – Orlando… or Los Angeles?

Well, this was unexpected. Usually, we look out our hotel room and admire the astonishing landscape. One of the high points is the long building with the red roof, at the upper middle part of the photo. That’s the National Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe. (Regardless of your religious views – if any …

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Day view from our hotel's outdoor elevator

Two Weeks at Disney Springs

While my husband is winding down projects at his Orlando office, we’re staying at a Disney Springs hotel. After that, we’ll be on our way to New England, that’s where my husband’s new office is. Yaayyy! The blue balloon in the photo at right… that’s an attraction at WDW’s Disney Springs. It regularly goes up …

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Moving: What Leaves, What Goes with Us

I stare at what’s left in our apartment and blink. I’m promising myself that we’ll never accumulate this much stuff, ever again. Not until we actually put down roots and stay in one place. (That may be New England, but – long-term – it may be England or Ireland.) This has been a very long …

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My favorite makeup colors

High Tide – Perfect Eye Shadow Colors

We don’t know how soon we’ll find a rental that suits us. So, we’re scaling down the everyday items that we’ll carry in our suitcases. For me, that means haircare and skincare products, as well as makeup. Shopping at Ulta for travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, I stumbled onto something wonderful. It’s eye shadow in colors …

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