Back to a Welcoming Family

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In past posts, it may sound like most of our family is in Florida.

It’s not.

Much of my family – especially cousins – are scattered throughout the northeast, mostly in Massachusetts.

I grew up there, in Belmont, among families connected – as mine were – to Harvard and MIT, as well as artists, diplomats, and so on. At the time, Belmont was sort of a “best-kept secret” among families that wanted a very comfortable hometown where everyone seemed to know – and like – everyone else.

So, it’s lovely to be back here.

A couple of weeks ago, my son flew to Boston from Brazil. He and his fiancee have been working remotely, as part of a longer adventure, touring the Americas. (It started pre-Covid, was paused as the world went into lockdown, and that trek may continue later.)

He was here to pick up his skiing equipment (in storage) before a week’s vacation at Breckenridge.

We met him for lunch in Portsmouth (NH), at The Friendly Toast restaurant. It’s eclectic, boisterous, a bit noisy… and a favorite place to get together.

He arrived with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for me. They remained fresh for over a week, in a vase in our hotel room. Here’s the photo:

Tulips from Ian

This was a happy reminder of why we’re back in New England. It’s not just my husband’s job, or the climate, or the culture, but perhaps mostly because our extended family is here – or at least visits here, regularly – and it just feels right to be here.

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