How to Get Started with Affiliate Income

Okay, this is an odd topic for me to post… but I don’t know where else to post it.

This is actually something I wrote in a private forum, and then realized I should save it so I don’t have to repeat myself, later.

Someone asked me how to start a business using Amazon (and perhaps other) affiliate links. He’d already selected a niche and had a lot of products to talk about.

Here’s my reply…

You have an idea and a niche. I assume you’re also in the Amazon Affiliate program, so your affiliate links earn money or you. That’s the foundation. Yaayy!

Next, you could start with YouTube. If so, Think Media is one of the best free resources; they have lots of YouTube videos. Also, Vanessa Lau (also at YouTube) has excellent ideas for staying organized once you have a channel and want to do marketing to get more exposure.

Or, you could start with a website. (Or both a video channel _and_ a website… but start small. This can get overwhelming in a hurry.)

There are paid options like Wix and Squarespace, and I’m not sure what else. (I have my own websites that I maintain via Namecheap – also an affordable domain name resource – but I’ve had websites for decades. Really.)

WordPress (dot com) offers free hosting and it’s pretty easy, and you’ll learn to use WordPress software, which is what I use on all of my sites. The free WordPress (dot com) site can use your own domain (or not) and will have their ads on it, but – if you like this – you can later pay them a fee for the ads to go away. (Or just graduate to your own hosting, but that’s a bigger step.)

Mostly, I suggest starting small – and free – to see what you like.

Then, to promote your channel or site, choose two (at the very most) social media-ish sites… InstaGram is a favorite for some, others swear by Facebook (it comes & goes in popularity).

For the latter, look at Facebook Pages. Under one of my pen names, I have hundreds of enthusiastic followers who share my Facebook Page posts. (Pages are less time-consuming for marketing than Facebook Groups are.)

I’m not sure anyone knows what’s going on with Twitter, so I can’t recommend that until the dust settles. Ditto Tik Tok, which has some red flags in terms of security and stability for U.S. followers.

And then there’s old-school Pinterest, which is still popular among shoppers… but it’s a little different from what I’d consider social media.

Gary Vaynerchuk – aka “Gary Vee” – has a lot to say about social media marketing, and he’s all over YouTube. Warning: He’s delving into Web 3.0 in a hurry, so he can be overwhelming to listen to… but also worth noting for the future.

(For a good intro to Web 3.0, do a quick search for Aifediyi Viktor’s article, If Web2.0 + 1 = Web3.0, what is “+1″? but be prepared to be overwhelmed. I certainly am, looking at some of this… but also loving the opportunities!)

Watch out for the get-rich-quick crowd. If it sounds too easy and they’re trying to sell you something (especially with a 7 in the price), look elsewhere. You don’t need to spend a cent to get started and – in my opinion – shouldn’t; not until you have a good idea of what you want to do… what feels right and seems like fun. (Keep it fun, okay…? 😉 )

That’s pretty much all I can tell you, because so much of this is a matter of personal taste, time, interests, and what feels right for your audience. I hope it’s helpful! 😃

So there it is. I hope it’s useful to someone else!