Going Minimalist… Sort of…

Last night, preparing to leave Florida after nearly eight years here, I knew we needed to weed-out more of what we own.

I reflected on how I’d recently weeded-out 80% of my current wardrobe (and donated it to Goodwill).

Basically, without looking at my clothes, I made a list of all the items I could remember owning, here in Florida.

And then I crossed off anything I don’t actually wear and love.

Konmari closet clean-out

Next, I’d emptied the closet and – konmari style – piled all the clothes on the bed.

And then – unless there was a very specific and current reason to keep an item (like “it’s good for church-ish gatherings in winter in New England”) – if the item wasn’t on my wear-and-love list, it went to Goodwill.

So, last night I did the same thing, trying to remember everything in the dozen boxes I’d packed during the week. I mean, I’d just seen all that stuff… right?

Umm… * blink-blink *

That was a startling experience. And helped confirm that I can let go of a whole LOT more.

And that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few days.