Rye Beach Surfers After Fiona (Hurricane 2022)

On Saturday, we went to Rye Beach for some sunshine and fresh salt air… and to take photos of my Blue-on-Blue painting in yet another quirky setting.

Surfers at Rye Beach, NH - September 2022

All those black dots in the water…? They’re surfers at Jenness Beach (Rye, NH).

After the hurricane (Fiona) had passed the New England coast, the surf was pretty remarkable. From the license plates, surfers were here from Canada, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and – of course – New Hampshire.

There were lots of them from Hampton (NH) to Portsmouth (NH). Hundreds. Really.

And yes, those are the Isles of Shoals in the distance, and the clearest view we’ve ever seen.
(Double-checking how to spell “Jenness,” I discovered an actual SurfCam for that beach: https://www.newhampshiresurf.com/surfcam 😃 )