Monday Morning… This Week’s Work Arrives!

It’s going to be a busy week.

First, I’m trying to rebuild this website after a crash. The bad news is: I didn’t have adequate backups.

The good news is: I can reconstruct a lot from social media posts. It’ll simply take time.

Meanwhile this morning, the post office delivered a very large stack of boxes to me. All are from Amazon. The larger ones contained six to eight items, each.

Lots of Amazon boxes near our front door

Unpacking them and breaking down the shipping boxes took about 30 minutes. Then I spent another 45 minutes photographing what had been in them, unboxing style… and that was just half of what had arrived.

I was ready for a Wordle break. (So far, my current streak is 69 consecutive puzzles solved.)

Then, Amazon nudged me to catch up on reviews. I’m in their Vine program, which means I have lots of opportunities to review products.

What it’s like to be in Amazon Vine

Often, the Vine products I select are things I might have purchased anyway, like the very fancy coat hangers that arrived this morning. (I’ll probably review them tomorrow.)

Other items are cool things from my “maybe/someday” shopping list, like the drone camera we tested this past week, and the second, different drone camera that arrived this morning. (That may take a week to review, because we’ll put it through its paces.)

Another favorite in today’s shipment: A multi-purpose cordless vacuum cleaner. (My husband thinks it’s hilarious that I go all starry-eyed over cool vacuum cleaners… but he also likes how clean our home is.)

I’ll review the vacuum cleaner tomorrow, too.

And then there’s the stack of clear plastic boxes that will make it so much easier to keep my art supplies organized.

And… well, I think you get the idea. Lots & lots of fun items!

Being in Vine isn’t “free stuff on request.”

If you’ve visited the Amazon Vine page, you’ve seen that I can select products from a list of thousands of items.

However, I also have to test each item and then write an honest, insightful review for every one of them.

One-line reviews don’t cut it.

And, since it’s me…

Well, I write long, chatty reviews. I tell people the kinds of things I’d like to know before buying the respective item.

Amazon has guidelines I must follow, but I do my best to be frank in each review, even when the product disappoints me.

For the past month and a half, this has been a novelty. It’s like Christmas every day.

(In fact, a friend in Vine says that her mailman announced his daily arrival by shouting, “Santa’s here!” lol )

But yes…

Seeing everything I received today, I realized I need to scale back how much I’m requesting through Vine.  And I’m kind of glad that Vine is the only review team I’m part of.

Otherwise, reviews could devour my entire day, every day.

Meanwhile, at my easel…

We’re still taking my Blue-on-Blue painting to quirky locations, taking photos of it.

A couple of weeks ago, we scrambled over rocks at Rye, New Hampshire, to photograph it surrounded by rocks and with waves crashing in the background.

Blue-on-Blue, Rye on the Rocks

This weekend, we focused (no pun intended) on scenes including fall foliage. Here’s one of those pictures.

Blue-on-Blue, Maine parking lot in autumn

This project is for a book I’m working on. Sort of like “the roaming gnome,” but with a very large, geometric painting.

We’re having tremendous fun with this!

And then there are my websites, like this one.

October is always a busy catch-up month for me.

Halloween is just the start of what can be a hectic time for content creators like me.

Soon, it’ll be Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. After that, it’s New Year’s.

Every one of those holidays provide easy themes for content, and – housebound by wintry weather – plenty of people eager to read articles, watch YouTube videos, and so on.

So, I’m going to do my best to restore this website and add to its content. I’m also going to include some reviews of the more notable products I receive. (They won’t be exact copies of my Amazon reviews. Also, they may be more direct.)

But, if I’m quiet for the next week or two, it’s because I’m testing products, writing reviews, working on art, photographing my Blue-on-Blue painting, creating content, and preparing for a busy and fun holiday season.

Not necessarily in that order. 🙂