Winter Walks at the Beach

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Refreshing, salt air. Quartz sand beaches. Friendly people who say hello without being prompted.

These are among the things we’re savoring now, back in New England (USA).

Our first beach visit was at Hampton’s North Beach (New Hampshire), where I went wading in the icy waves. That’s something I do regularly. It’s not quite “polar bear swim” but definitely invigorating.

North Hampton Beach, NH
North Hampton beach, Hampton, NH (USA), February 2022

On another day, we visited Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, Maine. It was just as exhilarating, and this time I wasn’t the only one wading in the cold, wintry water.

Guy in icy water at Ogunquit, Maine
Daring “polar bear swim” guy on a chilly March day, 2022.

The yellow arrow points to a guy who waded in, just wearing swimming trunks, until he was waist-deep in the water.

Then, it looked like someone on shore was filming him. And then (I think) he used his phone to film himself, as well.

As you can tell from the snow on the ground – and how the people on shore were dressed – it was a chilly, windy day.

I have no idea how he managed to withstand those cold temperatures.

We were impressed by his stamina.

We continued walking about half a mile along Footbridge Beach, enjoying the day. The views were amazing. Looking north, we could see around Kennebunkport. Looking south, I think we could see Bald Head, close to York.

Footbridge Beach, Ogunquit, Maine - Winter 2022
On another day, here’s Footbridge Beach, Ogunquit, Maine – 5 Mar 2022

A few days later, we were at York Harbor Beach. (York’s Long Sands and Short Sands are fun, too, but – for us – York Harbor is the best.)

In the photo below, I’d rolled up my jeans to keep them dry, but still had to lift them as the waves splashed around me.

The water was icy cold, but the setting was so serene and lovely… it’s another reminder of why we returned to New England.

Eibhlin at York Harbor Beach

And so our New England adventures continue!

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